Ability to create a line divider

Feature to turn a Rem into a line divider to help to organize documents. Similar to what exist in notion with /divider. I sometimes use empty Rems to separate some ideas, but a line would do a better job.

Yes… We want this feature…

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How about this for now?

Edit: This is published on :scroll: RemNote Library: A place to discover and share Custom CSS (and more?) now:


Hey, @hannesfrank, I’m using your divider, really like it, but I’d like to put it gray instead of black, would you help me? Greatings, mate!

Ohh, I see, I pasted the entire Custom CSS Block inside a CSS Block and the customization didn’t work in the customization… part. Hahaha, I’m sorry, I’m totally ignorant of coding. Thanks for the work :slight_smile:

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