Ability to switch Dark mode ON/OFF on PDF viewer


In some cases, working on DARK mode and reviewing PDF files becomes quite difficult with some PDFs due to specifics of information inside. It would be great if DARK mode for PDFs only, could be switched off with a bottom on the top pane or elsewhere.

Thank you.

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It does the job, thank you. Just wandering, can I create a toggle switch for that mode on PDF viewer or sideways. At the moment to switch that mode ON, I am typing: Ctrl+P -> Custom SCC->enter-> toggle SCC. I believe exist a way to make it faster.


I think this was closed accidentally by a bulk operation because it had the workaround marked as solution. I agree an extra button would be nice here.

I have been working with some research papers and classes where color-coding was important.
I also prefer working with Dark Mode, for a more pleasant view and a better fit with my system theme.
However, when Dark Mode is on, the imported PDFs get inverted/their colors distorted, and that makes it hard to work with some PDFs.
It would be great if I could have the overall Remnote app in Dark Mode, but view imported PDFs in normal mode.