Ability to use logical operators for searching (Queries)

@April_Kuras and @dcoales Yes this is definitely on the roadmap and something that the team is also looking forward to have :wink: You can very well be reassured that this will be a major feature focus for us soon.


Thanks guys, thatโ€™s encouraging.


I often use the Filter functionality to find what Iโ€™m looking for in RemNote, but I also need the option so Filter things OUT of my search please :smiley:

There could be two options in the Filter window - one to select things to filter IN to the current search, and a second to select things to filter OUT. That would really help :smiley:

For example, I may be searching for things and wish to filter OUT all the potential matches from Daily Documents or something.



This feature would be useful. Thanks

Apart from simple query for filter and list things.

Quantification query is also useful.
And we have had a static one โ€“ the Statistics page.

Because other than flashcard the daily doc is also a time-based log, which can show much info base on timeline statistics, such as time spend and freq on habits.
By extend current Statistics page with customization we can learn more from our time-based knowledge base.

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I just wanted to chime in because this is an essential feature that i really hope to come up soon.
Iโ€™m really trying to lean into tags and daily documents and if I canโ€™t search for rem that have multiple tags specifically it really limits my ability to search and review rem.

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