Add a debug log (which users can access)

I think Remnote would benefit from users being able to access (and send over) debug logs.

It’s common practice in apps to have a log. During support troubleshooting that’s usually one of the first steps once a problem is spotted.

Specifically I think this could help in 2 scenarios:

  1. In general bugs and/or performance issues which are hard to reproduce/diagnose - users could send this log to the team / post on the forum, helping engineers reproduce and fix bugs.

  2. Power users may be able to diagnose the issues themselves, in one stroke saving the user a bunch of time and making it easier for the team to fix the issue

P.S - ideally this log shouldn’t have sensitive data, since it may be posted on the forums

there’s mention of this in @Karthikk reply here: Let’s talk about community & support. - Feedback - RemNote

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Kathikk didn’t mention an accessible log specifically, I assume you mean the new in-app solution he presented?
Sure, that would solve most of the issue right now, but I still think power users would be better served by being able to see the logs, and maybe understand/workaround issues they’re having.
And other users could provide better unofficial support.

Also, since the in-app reporting is still hypothetical atm, I think it’s relevant regardless.

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