Add possibility to create concept maps and mind maps

RemNote is a learning tool, it allows to take and organise notes and test knowledge with its flashcard system. Learning = understanding + memorisation.
For understanding better complex concepts, a concept map or a mind map or any type of suitable diagram may be useful. Each element would be made of some text and optionally an image in order to stimulate visual memory. There are thirdy party programs that allow to make such diagrams, anyway it would be great to have such functionality inside RemNote itself.
As an optional improvement it would be cool if each element of the map could be linked to a REM and if it could be possible to build the map by dragging and dropping keywords directly from Rems of the same folder let’s say…maybe RemNote could display a list of keywords that were highlighted or tagged in a certain way before, in order to speed up the creation process…I know the last things I said could be complicated to program, but I’m giving you my idea…it could be something that could be built in several iterations step by step.

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MAB941009’s comment: I totally agree! Given the overlap and impression you’re interested in any visual diagramming tool, I have merged your request to the one linked here. Thanks for your interest.