Adding New/ Customized Emojis

Would love to be able to add emojis to the emoji selection for RemNote

Example Use Case

I capture lots of notes from Discord, You Tube & various other sources. When we paste the link into the app RemNote will auto generate an emoji. I find this great as often I find it quicker to process a visual image (IE emoji) vs text

I would love to be able to remove the name/ text & search for the emoji & other needed info. Even though search is possible for an emoji right now you can only do so if there is a way to put the emoji into the search bar, etc. As a result I would like to be able to add emojis so I can create a search based on this

For example, I copy a lot of links from Discord & the Forum into RemNote as I find it as a helpful resource full of tips. If I copied a message link from Discord & paste into RemNote I will now have the Discord emoji & some text, including the word/ title Discord. I would love being able to remove the Discord name/ title & leave the icon. This way, if I wanted to search for Discord I could search using the Discord emoji vs having to search using the word Discord

How about this?

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