Algorithm Bypass for Flashcard Review

Sometimes I would like to take it off autopilot and do the driving myself. Just a human thing.

You can zoom into any rem, go to the three dots menu in the upper right corner and practice all rem that are its parents.

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Would be nice if I could turn off or augment the random sequence in favor of a “show again in X number of cards” option. So if the card is totally new, I can choose to see it every X-th time, etc. Would also like option to show all (or selected) in order created. Thanks!

Reviewing cards in the order they were created is discussed here Rem Cluster - a group of rems that can be reviewed together in sequential order . I’m afraid I’m not totally sure what feature you are requesting, exactly. Is it adding a button to bury the card for an arbitrary number of reviews? Or overriding button’s review intervals manually?

Not sure best way to achieve, but objective is to have as-needed direct control over review sequence/order. The Rem Cluster FR seems to have the same goal on a small group level. My guess is it would be easier to just have the option to temporarily opt-out of the algorithm altogether for selected cards/groups and be able to freestyle their review structure until we are ready to return them to algorithm general population. This would be the functional equivalent of the “practicing on paper first” methodology mentioned in the Rem Cluster FR thread.

I think the algorithm is a beautiful thing for its intended purpose. I would just like to have an optional/separate time-out room where I can go to get the new neural pathways warmed up first and/or practice some tough-love rote discipline if merited. After opting back into the algorithm environment, the bread crumbs, peek at context, and extra card detail features should provide sufficient recall/relational support and the correct spacing should catch up within a happy face or two. My gut is that anything more would require altering the algorithm itself, which would probably be much more difficult and potentially very counter productive overall.

In any event, thank you very much for the prompt attention and great product! Time for me to move on from learning RemNote to actually using RemNote. This will be more for business purposes than academia. I think your product will provide an efficient infrastructure for the critical link of “execution” (which is often missing or neglected) between the vast oceans of actual problems and potential solutions. Keep up the good work!

That’s very kind of you to say, but to be clear, I am a moderator, not a developer.

From your description, it sounds like the existing “practice all of these rem” button would fit your needs - it even takes into account that you already practised the cards manually when evaluating their next global queue review time. You may also see and give feedback on other possible similar manual practice options here [Request for Feedback] Clarify "Practice All Rem In This Document (Without Spaced Repetition").

Are you looking for the Card Previewer part of this FR Card browser, preview and filter ?

Here is its description

Sounds good to me. Had not thought much past the basic ability to opt out/in of the algorithm altogether for selected cards and the ability to directly control the review structure for those cards currently opted out. I think both scenarios (direct control and algorithm control) have their place and I’m guessing each would be best optimized if kept separate.