Alias workarounds (non-Pro)?

Today we learned Alias support is a Pro-only feature (currently available only as a trial for non-Pro users).

Anyone found a good workaround to implement Aliases for Free plans?

Here’s what I’ve been doing (probably not the best):

  1. For each Document/Rem I want to add aliases to, I create a child Rem “Aliases”, then under that I add the alternatives I want. Here are two examples:

  2. Then when creating a reference, as I type I can see the available pages, as well as the alias options, identifiable by the breadcrumb.

Like I said, this is a workaround. Far from ideal.
Any suggestions for a better workflow?

I like your solution, @ognsya, but the problem is that the original rem will not be displayed in the preview window. @UMNiK solutions is better in this regard, but the alias will not appear as the reference. I understand @Karthikk’s point, but I would also love that this feature would be part of the free plan. I believe the PDF storing is enough for the more devoted users to upgrade, but those who can’t afford to pay right now are losing a very important feature.

The only workaround I can think of is to have only one alias, which will be the first rem of any other rem, so any of them will display all the content in preview.

The problem is, of course, that the references will be divided between the two of them, so also not ideal.

Just straight up write them in at the end of the rem (so it picks up the correct thing by fulltext search), and make them visually distinct by using a universal descriptor. See image.

Really hope the team reconsiders paywalling such a basic feature.

the reason i think they decided to put it behind the paywall is probably because no other tool has been successful in getting this right. It’s something that everyone has tried and messed up or has come up with a very manual and cumbersome way of achieving it.

The fact that this is a common but yet so powerful feature in a PKM tool, is all the more reason that they should put it behind a paywall. If they let such well executed and needed features in the free version, then why would any user pay for the tool ? If the free version was so powerful that no one needs the pro version unless they are a fan or a very serious user, then how would the tool ever generate money enough to help run the business and keep the development going ?

Hi! Im a struggling med student from the PH. New to RemNote so im still familiarizing myself with the desktop app but im not a techie person. I was hoping you could help me. :pensive: How might I replicate what you did for the alias workaround? Thank you!

It’s literally plain text written into the same rem. The yellow stuff is purely cosmetic, see the Universal Descriptors page in the documentation. Do keep in mind that this workaround makes back-front concept cards useless, since the aliases are written to the back.