Anki SM-2 Custom Scheduler bug

I have the following settings for my queue on the custom scheduler. In my queue “recalled with effort” (Easy) is 1min and “partially recalled” (Hard) is 30mins, surely this should be the other way around? I can’t seem to work out a way to rectify this having played with the values in the custom scheduler.

Any help with this would be a massive help! Thanks :slight_smile:

@Karthikk, any word from the team about the Anki algorithm? Below is additional user data to look into:

The learning phase is set to 1,3,6,15. This means if I select good for each attempt, my intervals will be 1 day, then 3 days, then 6 days, then 15 days (graduation interval)

Once the graduation interval is passed, the exponential phase is reached. In the exponential phase, ease factor begins to become affected.

Looking at my card metadata below, we can see a couple of issues: (1) the exponential phase has been reached, and the user has not surpasses the set graduation interval and (2) the last scheduled interval was three (3) days; therefore, we can expect that if a good interval is chosen for the next attempt, the next interval should be 6 days…(read below for actual outcome)

if we look at the card, we will see an interval outcome that is not like what is intended or desired:

Having a good interval of 15 days, coming from the previous interval of 3 days is not what the user intended and does not correspond to the settings given by the RemNote team, see user settings below:

I believe the card interval for this attempt would have made sense to be 3 for hard and 6 for good based on the last time I saw the card.

I share this because it brings concern regarding trusting the team in delivering on one of the main focus points: reliable spaced repetition. The main site states that RemNote is an all-in-one tool for thinking and learning—able to replace Quizlet and Anki—however, with bugs in the algorithm that statement can be challenged.

*NOTE, you will see that I pressed hard on some intervals, which shortened my next interval (as expected) and is normal for new material. The hard interval should be somewhere between again and good. The bump to exponential phase before the user intended, and the drastic interval changes, should be addressed, however. Lastly, the card may not have been reviewed on its intended date, I’m thinking missed reviews might play a part as well. *

I would like to use RemNote for the daily driver—no other tool has seamless flashcard integration like it. Furthermore, the alias feature is also superb. It does mostly all I would want from a PKM. Thanks for the help.

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