Boolean Operators in Search Portal


I am currently migrating from Roam to Rem Note. One thing that I have not managed to replicate:
How can I insert a search portal that shows only REMs that match two criteria? For example, I want to show all TODOs that I tagged with a certain project name. However, referencing both the TODO tag and the project document does not result in a list that filters results appropriately, but apparently links both references with an OR operator. Is that correct? How can I change that?

Thanks for your help!

This is planned for the Pro plans.


Great, would be happy to pay for this!
Powerful queries are a crucial functionality if you use Rem Note rather as a note-taking app than SRS tool.
In my personal checklist this (and out-of-the-box Readwise integration) are the only features missing compared to Roam. Lot of other aspects where IMO Rem Note is already superior to Roam (PDF integration, tagging of documents, API, …).