Bug Report (Scrolling of Page not stable in Desktop App)

If i am going to the end of Remnote Page to open reference related to the Page title, the scrolling within the page automatically closes the expanded bullets. Not being able to open the bullets properly. Please address this issue.

Thanks for submitting this, could you please share a screenshot of this as I am finding it hard to replicate the issue?

this is the initial stage when i have scrolled down to last block like D6146G Mutation

then i have opened the parent rem to see its descendants. Note: while opening this parent rem by clicking on the left of the rem, i faced a problem because it was not opening, which means this block flickered while opening

once i scroll down farther it automatically closes. Opening & closing of the block is not persisting while scrolling
this is happening not only in the beta server but also in the main server.

Thank you so much responding, would it be possible to record a video of this behaviour? The screenshots don’t seem to provide enough information.
You could try using loom.com for easy recording and sharing (it’s free as well)

it shows that blocks are not persisting while scrolling

I really appreciate the effort, now I understand what seems to be the problem.

Is this happening only in this specific rem or everywhere?

I think it is happening in the case of end reference rem or the block which is at the end of the page. Mainly it is happening with the linked references, like in the video these all rems are tagged with the prelims, so prelims is the main page title and all these are the linked references.

Is this happening to only this rem called Prelims or is the case for all last references of all rems?

it is happening for all the rems

thanks for responding, can you confirm the current version of the desktop app and also does this happen on the web app for you?

current version of desktop app is 1.3.6 and the web app is 1.3.7. it is happening on the web app too

I’m also experiencing this bug. It appears to happen with all references that are at the end of the page. I’m using the web app and my chrome version is: 90.0.4430.85

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I am trying to reproduce this but there’s nothing wrong on my end. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
Do you both have any custom CSS installed?

No i don’t have any custom CSS installed.

I also got this issue. It happens when I try to expand children rems of the portal results, or in some cases when scrolling down after the children rems are expanded. The portal will just collapse back in both instances.

Not restricted to desktop app. Not CSS-related as I switched off all CSS to test this.

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I do have some custom CSS installed, but i don’t think they are causing the problem, because even when I disable all of them, the bug persists, as you can see on the following gif.

Thanks for reporting guys.
@marcothesis @Vagner_Mendes any clue to help me reproduce it? Does it happen to every backlink portal or to only certain ones, if so have you made any observations as to which ones trigger this reaction?

In my case on the mac desktop app, it is quite straightforward.

  1. Go to a document and expand the ‘Tagged Rem’ portal at the bottom.
  2. Expand one of the tagged rems. It might not expand and just collapse back.
  3. If previous tagged rem does expand, click on a child of this tagged rem to expand further, scroll down a little. This is where it does not work all the time and will just collapse back the whole tagged rem.

You should see the issue between 2 & 3. @Karthikk


I just tested both the chrome and mac app, also tried with the sorting with creation time on, unfortunately this bug slips away. I am missing something very apparent here.

Will keep trying to catch this one, but kindly share any information that you guys come across meanwhile.

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Related GitHub issue : Expanded Rem in references keep collapsing by themselves · Issue #1049 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub

Martin has been able to identify this and intends to change the behaviour.