Can we have kanban board?

I just try out roam. Oh gosh! They have kanban board, and somemore, i can click and drag an item in the rendered kanban board. Can we have that too in RemNote

Kanban boards in Roam are just a nested list of bullet points with a special display:

A first basic version is pretty similar to the Column/Table demos in Custom Rem-level formatting with tags (see also Table / spreadsheet functionality). Dragging works using the bullet points.

A more polished version (i.e. dragging on the card itself) would require a plugin.

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Thanks for hint! Come to think about it, i think u are right. The basic version of column board is really no difference from table concept. The problem is Rem Note don’t seem to have table generation feature, unlike roam.
Side note: Btw,any idea if rem note has released the desktop version? If yes, any idea where to find it? cos i could not find it on the website

What do you mean by “table generation feature”? The data for the board/table are just rem (in the simplest case) and the display/rendering of the table is done by CSS which I’ll release this weekend :crossed_fingers: (hopefully). Anything else that is missing for the basic version?

Someone said in Desktop version (with offline/local only option) that the private beta testing has started. You can apply in the Discord group, but they might already have enough testers.

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“remnote dont have table generation feature” mean, it does not come with a built-in feature to allow us to create and render table, similar to what roam does. But now since u will be releasing the CSS for display/rendering of table, that will fill up the gap in remnote (thanks for the effort!).
I will not know what would be missing in the basic version, until i try it out.

Regarding the desktop version, I thought it has been officially release. Since it is still under beta testing, I will prefer to wait until it is officially release.

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Here is what you can do with Custom CSS:

Just a quick proof of concept. Have not polished cursor icons and hover effects yet.

(And you have to drop on the title or right next to another task card. Takes a while to get used to.)

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Wau! That’s a nice kanban board. As a newbie in using remnote, for the first time, I add @import URL(“”); to a blank CSS block. Back to my note, from your animated gif, i still not sure how you generate this kanban board…Any tutorial on this?

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Ah, sorry for the confusion. I tried to clarify this Custom CSS thingy here: What is Custom CSS and how do I use it? The @import ... you have written does something totally different: It add these icons to flashcard rems:
I have not published the Kanban CSS code yet.

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I see. Noted. Will wait for your kanban css code to be released.
Side note: Do u have any issue using rem note mobile app to login ? When i try sign in with my Google gmail, i keep getting ‘Failed to connect to server. ErrorRequest failed withs tatus code 404’

Regarding board colors:

  • You can use normal highlights to change the header/title color
  • One can make a color pack to color a whole subtree with arbitrary, but predefined colors


(Highlight white to reset highlight and use Custom CSS color again)

I noted that the colors are predefined for the different columns. Wonder what predefined colors user would prefer to have.

can you share this css please

I mean, the css for changing color

Thank you for this @hannesfrank ! This is very helpful.
There’s one observation though. The first property in the css block never gets applied. To get around this, i had to add an empty css block first before rest of the properties start.

.abc {}

Could be a bug in RemNote maybe?