Citations (Footnotes)

Hello. Is there a way for remnote to do citations, such as footnotes?


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I use just plain references. For example:


I just created a request for this feature. You can vote for it if you want :slight_smile:

I have been thinking about requesting this in the forum for a long time and could not find the moment. I think it is a fantastic idea that the program incorporates a bibliographic manager and footnotes, and doing it manually with hyperlinks would be a very slow and rudimentary way.

Thank you. But I would like to put a citation inline so that when I cut and paste or export to markdown it will become a real footnote or endnote.


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This would indeed be in line with RemNote’s academic focus. They already offer a special field for Source (which I was surprised and delighted to learn about).

Would be even better if it were implemented as a more general Notes system (ie., Footnotes would be only one special case of it).

Perhaps this could be implemented as a type of reference, with a few special features:

  • The text of the link would be a number, defined dynamically based on other existing footnotes (numbered sequentially)
  • The footnote itself would be a Rem as any other
  • The user might be allowed to choose from a few options, regarding how these footnotes should appear within RemNote (separate settings could allow the user to choose how/where the footnotes are exported)

Personally, I’d use it mainly for adding notes (like the yellow notes in LyX, for those familiar with that software), so I wouldn’t want the notes showing at the bottom. But I do need to write academic articles occasionally, so the more traditional Footnote system would also be useful.

I think the feature request Rem Reference Aliases will be able to solve this for the most part. The user can create footnotes exactly how it should look ( preferably a numbered list) at the bottom of the document . Then wherever needed the user can create a reference to these footnotes, but instead of showing the full footnote text in the reference the user can create an alias corresponding to the footnote number (like [1] or [2])

And also, if we have this implemented Ability to create a line divider, we should be able to create a nice horizontal divider that separates the footnote section