Collection / search portal of cards based on their review score (for overviewing the difficult cards)

The idea is to have some kind of search portal, or a powerup rem that collects cards that you consistently fail, so that you could easily overview them and see if you can add mnemonics / split / join / edit / remove them.

Like right now I don’t have enough time to finish my queue, and I know quite a lot of these cards have been there for a while. If I could quickly and easily identify these cards, then I would be able to decide if maybe some of them are redundant or if I need to create mnemonics.

I believe that the most flexible implementation of this feature would be to add search parameters that find cards by review score.

Another way to implement it would be to create a list of all cards that can be sorted by review parameters.

I :heart: the portal idea. What if we could see rem and filter/search them based on their SRS status! This could be an excellent use of Power-up tags!


@Yuvve I don’t think you voted your own idea. If you’ve got votes left, Do vote your own post, this feature a great idea!

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I assumed without testing that you can’t vote on your own posts :joy:. Voted now, thanks!

Welcome! :heart:
Yes, a lot of the times, people who post a lot run out of votes and can’t vote their own request…

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possible in the future if the query feature in roadmap support ordering by rem attributes

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Yeah, queries are required for one of my suggestions (“add search parameters that find cards by review score”). But we could also have cards automatically tagged with “difficult card” / “repeat offender” if they pass some kind of threshold of

(days in queue) * (SRS score) 

This threshold could either be hard coded, controlled by the algorithm or manually configured in settings.

I believe that this is a simpler solution, that still enables us to use IsDescendant, references and tags to filter the list even more.

Wouldn‘t it be easier to just copy the leeches feature of anki? A rem should automatically get tagged with an edit later tag and the word leech in the message after x (by anki default 8) amount of lapses. Seems like a very easy to implement feature that‘s familiar to anki users.

Here‘s the explanation from the anki manual

That could also work! I like this idea, although I would prefer it to be tagged with something else than “edit later”.

Yeah I suggested edit later because for my workflow they would work more or less the same but a separate leech tag would work as well. Maybe even with its own section like how edit later has one