Copying and pasting images into RemNote

I use Snipping Tool frequently as a method of copying & pasting images from PDF documents. When pasting an image via this manner into RemNote, it comes up as distorted or compressed. Some words in the image appear blurry as well. Is there a way to fix this - to keep the original image dimensions and quality?

It doesn’t happen with me; maybe a bug; i hope your pictures are big enough

Can you provide a screenshot of your image in RemNote?
Do you use Desktop app?

I have given an example screenshot. This is a snip from an anatomy textbook. It appears the image is scaled/compressed in the vertical direction.


Compare this to the original image below.

This is a bug about how RemNote displays your photos in the app. RemNote does not affect your the original dimensions and quality of your image => Image Upload Scaling issue (Desktop App Only) - Beta RemNote Server - RemNote