Entire document in "flashcard view"?

Sorry if this is already possible but I am very new to this. Can we only do one card at a time? This can be useful but it also reminds me too much of flashcards.
I really like how remnote encourages your to start a document with concepts and - to then break them down into their components/concepts.

I think it would be very useful to see an entire document with the cards in a flashcard view. To me, this would make it easier to form strong connections between the concepts, as you would be able to see all of them on the same page as you work through them in order.

* bar >> ?
* some concept >> ?
* some other concept >> ?

practicing a flashcard like the above some other concept in isolation has its merits, but I also would like the option to work through the document as a whole.

Yes but having them in random order is only useful sometimes, it’s not a “best in every possible case” solution. Maybe my brain is just different from everyone else’s but, for me, sometimes (not always) it would be optimal to study the notes in some type of order.

Maybe the concepts are hierarchical, maybe they are sequential, or maybe they follow a strict logical order, in all of these cases an unconnected random flash card seems less useful than the ability to work through that hierarchy, sequence, or logic in order. Even if this isn’t true it would be very nice to have the option.

I’m pretty sure the linked feature request also includes the options you describe, feel free to vote for it or add a comment under it describing any additions you feel are needed.