Follow up card with another question

So i want to have a Rem where I answer one question which is then followed by a continuation of that question in the same card. Is that possible?

How many types of acute kidney injuries are there?:: 2
Name them?
Bla bla bla

Yes it is possible.

you can do like this:

Thanks for your reply.
I will try this too, i’m sure it will work!

You can also use a multiline card like the one below

  • How many types of acute kidney injuries are there?::1.
  • 2 (Answer 1)
    Name them? (In the same rem, type the question)
  • (Answer 2)

Thanks for your reply.
I’m gonna give this a go. Looks like it will work

Since you want them to be in the same card and the answers to be revealed one after the other, your only option is a list card, see here (click the image link if it doesn’t load automatically)

Yess this works too1! Thank you