Help, please! RemNote lost my whole days' work

I just got back home from office, opened my laptop, started RemNote and wanted to continue my work.
Only to find that the saved documents is about at the status of last night.
Today I did a lot typing and editting in RemNote! Could I find the lost document?!!!

Anyone help me.
I checked backup folder, but only find some zipped file months before.
Is there a temp folder where I could found the historical file ?

Does anything show in the Trash by any chance? (Settings → Account → Trash)

They are not in the trash. :sob:

Were you working from another device in office?

The same pc.
Does this app has a realtime backup folder?

I recalled that:

  1. make a force sync sucessfully before shutdown pc.
  2. shutdown pc without quit RemNote.
    Nothing else.
    And when back home and open the same computer, the data lost.

This seems to be a discrete issue, not a bug. Kindly submit a support token to, if you are still facing similar issues. Closing the topic for now.