How can I add URLs other than pasting them?

For example:

  1. If I type , RemNote doesn’t interpret it as a URL. (It stays plain text rather than becoming a link)
  2. If I copy from browser address bar and paste it to a rem, RemNote interprets it as a URL.

My Questions:

  1. Is there any way to convert plain text to a link?
  2. Is there any way to edit an existing link’s url?

Thank you in advance.

Check here for some additional info Rem Reference Aliases

hey great questions. To my understanding

  1. we cannot yet convert plain text into a link, and only copy + paste will post a link in your document
  2. Once you paste a link into RemNote, it will be blue and underlined. You can rename the link to anything you want and it will conserve the link!
  1. No, you can not convert text to link (yet). Maybe they add a command for that later. You have to select the link (Ctrl + (Shift +) arrow keys), cut (Ctrl + X) and paste again (Ctrl + Shift + V). There are rarely cases when you manually type a URL though, are there?
  2. No, the URL itself is fixed. Only the link text can be edited. You have to delete and reenter.