How can I do a Standard Search?

First of all, thanks for the app. I’m studying medicine and is REALLY useful have all the notes in the same place without lag, you change my life in that way <3

The only thing I havent resolve is the lack of a “standard search” (besides the global search with ctrl+p), like the basic search in the browsers. Actually, I use to open my Rem documents in the browser and then use the standard search from the browser to search inside the Rem document (image below)

But actually, with the desktop app, is no possible to do it in that way anymore :frowning:

Anyone knows how to do a search in that way?

Welcome Maite! I wondered that as well.

I answered your question here: Quick Tip: Remap Ctrl + F to use builtin search in RemNote Web

Thank you!
But that works for the desktop app?

@Maite No, the desktop app does not have a browser-like search.