How Do I Make Clickable Link to DevonThink File

I have a lot of documents in Devonthink.

If I am using Dynalist, I can “Copy Item Link” of a local document from DevonThink, paste it into Dynalist and I have a clickable link to that document. It works great.

However, this does not work in RemNote. When I paste the Item Link, it does not become clickable in RemNote.

Here is and example item link for reference. x-devonthink-item://BF17A448-5004-4A35-8449-BF34DF2C862E
Thanks, Ray

This is most likely a bug. I would guess that the RemNote url regex/parser does not expect url schemes which contain a -. Other schemes like

vscode://file/{full path to file}:line:column

work just fine.

Please open a bug report on

As a workaround you can use this syntax (markdown link format) when pasting (as described here):

[Text for your Link](x-devonthink-item://BF17A448-5004-4A35-8449-BF34DF2C862E)
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Thanks for sharing, just learnt about a handy vscode feature - Opening VS Code with URLs, didn’t know about it. Pretty cool. So, we should be able to open local files (at least applications that support it) straight from Remnote (or any other web apps I guess) once Remnote is able to parse the links properly. This even lets me open file in vscode straight from the file browser’s address bar.

@liberated_potato Haha, yes. There are tons of URL schemes. Like to send an email. Obsidian also has one. Or open files in Microsoft Office (ms-excel:ofv|u|file://C:/path/to/file.xlsx).

file:// links though can’t be opened from another website for security reasons. A desktop app could do that.

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That link doesn’t look like a valid URL. That is the reason why Remnote is not detecting it. You have to get a URL for what you are trying to link, which I think is not possible as per this External Links to Documents Inside DevonThink (is this the right thing? I could be wrong)

Also, looks like Dynalist can handle these links somehow. So I assume Remnote needs to implement some custom logic to handle these. I don’t think there is anything like that right now.

Yeah. I don’t think it’s an URL. Tt is an external link to documents inside Devon Think. Omnioutliner, Dynalist, and Bear all do this beautifully. It’s pretty slick.