How random is the queue?

It feels like the queue goes through the cards from top to bottom but in chunks and these chunks are ordered randomly. If this is how it works, could we have an option to make it more random? I would find that a better experience because of the interleaving effect and also because of the big picture. When I’m revising, I don’t need it to be from top to bottom anyways, I’d much rather know a little bit from every subtopic than one subtopic thoroughly and the rest not at all.

You could turn those Queue options off to add more randomness:

You can read about how the Anki scheduler decides on the cards based on their certain conditions here. You could try making a custom schedule in the settings, to space revised topics out and therefore broaden the topic range, perhaps.

Give at least the Queue settings a go and see if it makes it more random. :woman_shrugging:

Changed the queue settings a while back so that can’t be it. The scheduler is working fine though, it’s just the learning phase that I don’t like because of their not 100% random ordering.

We’ve been working on a number of queue upgrades, and are planning to add a setting here to enable completely random interleaving. I’d also be curious to hear if there’s any middle-level interleaving (only partially shuffled) that you’d be interested in.

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I personally wouldn’t be interested in that but there’s a popular feature request for that Rem Cluster - a group of rems that can be reviewed together in sequential order

So I was trying out clusters again because of the queue clustor selector
and when I did some cards I noticed that they were in the reverse order of my document. That made the cards way too easy to answer

I don’t really understand why it works that way because the only cluster I had turned on was this one.

Is this actually working as intended? I personally find it very annoying and for now I will turn off all clusters again and just manually choose the document queues instead of using the queue cluster selector.