How to change display text of a hyperlink?

How do I change the link text of a url within remnote? I tried the markdown syntax with

, but it just displays all of it per se.

Also, is it possible to give reference url like [mylabel]:url and then reuse that [mylabel] elsewere.

Many thanks,

Not possible at the moment, but it’s on the roadmap, vote up the feature request.

If I understand correctly, you just want to change the display text of the link, not the URL. If that is the case, you can just paste any link and just delete that text and type in whatever display text you want. You will be making that edit only to the display text, the actual URL will remain unaffected.

Also, the markdown format also works in some sense. All you have to do is, type it in Markdown format, select, copy and just paste it without formatting (Ctrl + Shift + V) and it will show up the way you want.


May want to copypaste your gifs to that feature request I linked, at the moment there is only a text explanation of editing link text.

Awesome. Thank you so much.

@UMNiK Both Gifs are now linked


This seems to be broken in the Sept 2021 update