How to do a (feature) comparison in RemNote

Is it possible to do a feature comparison in RemNote?

Say I begin to compare knowledge management software and begin to write features of RemNote. And as I start researching, I will add new software (like obsidian) and new features (like storage mode, or formatting option and so on).

Is RemNote a good tool for this task?

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Not until they support tables. or Columns for that matter. I prefer Notion or LernObit for that matter.

Well, actually since the last update we do have unlimited layout options like tables and columns. Check the demos in Custom Rem-level formatting with tags (columns, tables, pros and cons list). [The CSS is not yet released, I’m working on it. Feels free to tinker a bit yourself :smile:]

Here I do kind of a comparison of Banana, Bacon and Cereal.
You can combine that with the (+)/(-) buttons of the Pros and Cons list, and maybe add a yellow neutral (o).

I’ll just use those bullets (without extra layout) to denote the good and bad parts of a thing. Like here where I just jot down my impressions about some JavaScript libraries: