How to hide alias automatically?

Every time I make an alias, I need to hide it manually. Though I found some css codes to hide the alias automatially, they don’t work for version 1.8. Somebody know how to fix it? Thanks!

What do you mean by “hiding” it? It should be automatically collapsed under the ~Aliases powerup child (which can itself be hidden via CSS).

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Then I suppose you can only wait for someone to update the snippet to 1.8 selectors. If you link the original snippet here, it may be quicker to fix (so whatever additional logic for zoomed in state/whatever else is preserved).

/* Hide aliases unless parent of the alias is zoomed in */
.tree-node-container .tree-node-container .rem[data-rem-tags~=“aliases”] {
display : none;

/* Hide aliases also inside full hover preview of references */
#document-hover-preview__popup .tree-node-container .rem[data-rem-tags~=“aliases”] {
display: none;

Looks like it’s been updated! Posting a link to the wiki, which has also been updated.