Mind-map graph view

I don’t know how legal that is but it would be cool if you guys took some “inspiration” from a software called xmind https://www.xmind.net/ Maybe even do some sort of collaboration or create an option to export to xmind. Feel like this would be the perfect base of a very practical mindmap directly integrated into RemNote (or whatever is legally possible)

Wow, XMind is really beautiful now. I remember a few years ago when it looked quite old, but now it seems like a great addition to RemNote!

Linkpost: This is related to Flowcharts and concept maps and it is a superset of remnote-mermaid with Clickable SVG Links where one can create a flowchart from a tree of nodes.


https://transno.com/ Found a note taking app that kinda implements what I was thinking of. Edit: Honestly, Xmind just does it better than Transno. Xmind has a built in outliner, I just kinda forgot

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Copy pasted parts of my document to xmind and transno and the results are a bit mediocre I‘d say



Xmind has a lot more customisability but transno was easier to copy paste. Both are terrible at it, it just made what I pasted into one bullet point and I had to format everything myself, xmind was especially terrible at that, I had to download an external app that allows me to copy paste with the keyboard (I‘m on mobile) otherwise it wasn‘t possible. And formatting was also annoying on xmind because the cursor just jumped all over the place probably due to the size of the single bullet point. I was able to work around it though

Handling descriptors is a bit awkward, because they are usually indented but the mindmap treats it just like a multiline. Here‘s also a picture when I make contents their own branch. Also deleted some empty spaces created by the copy paste and corrected some mistakes


How did you solve the problem with descriptors ?

Not sure if you could call it a solution, but I created a box with the descriptor name and under it I connected the content of the descriptor


Colour (descriptor)
Green (content)

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