Queue Revision Dashbord and Revision Timetable

I would like to propose features, that would improve planning for exams and would improve the overview on what is on the agenda at a specific timepoint (e.g. ‘today’, tomorrow’ etc.), which would bring some light into the Queue ‘blackbox’ .

Once, I tried to integrate Flashcards and Notes from Medschool into Notion, but even though you are able to integrate spaced repetition to a limited extend, you recognize quite fast, that it is not designed for such a purpose. However, some features of Notion, such as the databases, could be used to create some useful tools in my opinion. For example, I created a “Revision Dashbord”, that would show me, how many cards/question of a specific topic I had to revise on a specific day (see Screenshot attached). This visualization gave me the feeling of “power” over the things I had to revise and gave me motivation to revise those topics.

Such a feature could be combined with a calender, which could show you, how many cards of a topic you have to revise on a specific date.

What do you think of such features for RemNote?

That would be so great!

I made this with this Table-CSS-Code: