Quickly Access to a specific remnote's document from Mac's Spotlight

Hi friends,
I would like to access to my document using Spotlight, to save time…
Is it even possible, or is there a workaround?

Thanks :pray: :relaxed:

  1. Copy the rem you want to open, e.g. as Reference or copy the Deeplink directly, if you want to open in the Desktop App.

  2. Paste the link somewhere in a text editor/browser URL bar. It should be pasted as URL. Depending on where you want to open your rem (desktop app, stable, alpha, beta), edit it to like this:
    a. Web version: https://www.remnote.com/w/KB_ID/REM_ID
    b. Desktop App: remnote://w/KB_ID/REM_ID

  3. Drag & Drop the selected URL into Finder to create a hyperlink and rename to your liking.

  4. Profit!

Alternatively use a spotlight replacement like Alfred or Raycast.

Man, thanks a lot. :pray: I will try that.

Have a great one.