Quote a sentence inside a rem to another page

Sometimes I want to quote a sentence in a rem to another page (only a sentence, not the whole paragraph). Now the only way I can realize this is by making it a Rem Reference and then [[ it in another page. But you cannot edit a Reference in the original place. You have to click it open as another page and edit the title.
Some note-taking tools use (( to realize this function. Maybe you can expand the Quote feature rn already has. I find the only function now Quote features serve is merely like underlining.

I don’t quite understand what you want to do. Too many quotes, references and pages for me, sorry :sweat_smile:
Do you want to reference/quote only part of a rem or do you want to embed a rem as part of another rem?
Could you please provide a screenshot of your workaround in RemNote so I can understand what you want to quote from where. And maybe how another tool solved the problem.

(I am probably confused because I can not imagine referencing a part of a rem because I don’t know how the UX could be like.)

Not sure if this is exactly what @xldd_mczi means, but perhaps it has to do with wanting more granularity in RemNote.

Currently the smallest unit of information is a Rem.
He might be suggesting it to be arbitrary string segments instead.

That way, if I have this Rem:

  • Polar bears are white and they like fish.

I can quote part of it within another Rem:

  • We all know that “Polar bear are white”, but do we care?

And to be able to edit that quote by clicking on it and typing (as we would with a Rem).


I interpreted it like that as well, but then the question is what the UX should be to mark up/select a part of a rem. Like assume sentences separated by . and chose the nth item of that? Already breaks for your example.

I also feel like if something needs to be referenced because it is a self contained idea then it should get it’s own bullet point. I like having a bullet point for each idea semantically. To display multiple bullet points as a paragraph is a visual thing which can be done (as always :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) with Custom Rem-level formatting with tags.

Yeah, agree.

On the other hand, I like what @xldd_mczi said about being able to directly edit Rems when they appear as a reference (maybe using some keypress modifier).

Let’s say you’re writing a Rem (I use italics below to represent an existing reference):

  • I should let Harold know about the meeting.

Then you realize you’ve been writing Harold’s name wrong, and you want to fix it.

As it is now, you need to click to open the Harold Rem to edit it.

Would be good to be able to just click with some modifier (like CTRL-SHIFT click), and be able to edit it inline.

Make sense?

(This would also allow a solution of sorts for OP’s query, as he suggested.)


Ogsnya was exactly right.
For example, suppose this is an article I’m working on

then I find a sentence quite useful

and I want to use it in my essay, which is another Rem
so I turn it to a Reference and put it in my essay

but it cannot be directly edited like a rem
What some other tools do (can’t remember, I’ve tried too many, maybe roam research?) is by (()) the sentence like this

then the sentence will be assigned a complex unique code like uSDJKsf23ajf. The unique code can be used in any other pages to refer to that sentence and can be simultaneously edited.
I don’t know if you get what I mean. I think I should work really hard on my English. :sob:

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Very clear! I agree it would be useful, though maybe not essential.

In my case, I’d mostly use it for recurring terms (like character names in a novel, for example), which means that it’s unlikely I’d need to change it frequently (making the process of opening the Rem not that problematic).

Edit: Also, in the way you use it, there could be issues in terms of knowing where the quote is from. (since it essentially becomes a top-level Rem right?)