See flashcards in order

First sorry for my bad English, I’m from Brazil.
I saw a lot of topics in this forum about “see flashcards in order”, but I’ve never find a solution.
Is it possible to do my flashcards in order of the rams that I put on document?

Not as yet, here’s the Feature Request (keep in mind that they will soon be migrated to a new platform)

Too bad it’s not available yet… But thanks a lot for the reply!

I want this feature too! :smiley:

UMNiK, your cluster is not the solution. So many users want the chronological order for learning in contexts.

How is it not a solution, since by definition a series of rem in chronological order is in a specific order, i.e., a cluster? It’s not “mine”, either, I prefer my flashcards to have individual schedules where possible.

It is not a solution because it is too complicate to understand. Remnote is actually a great idea and a great programm. But I can not use it without that feature. Most things I have to study I can not study in a random fashion. The brain does not work this way, either. I am doctor. I have normal intelligence. But I can not grasp the cluster thing. My question (and the question of a lot of other ppl. as well, obvioiusly) is why not make it easy and enable such an easygoing function: study in chronological order? I had same discussion with ANKI guys back then. So I had to get an addon programmed. Not it works fantasic. I can study with ANKI pretty well now. But again the idea of remnote is pretty cool.

The reason to not always study in chronological order is that the studied information will not be necessarily called upon outside a formal study context in the order it was studied.

The existing options to establish a rigid sequence are multilines, lists (including a series of questions and answers), and multiple clozes inside the same rem (see example). The aforementioned cluster would add the option of further grouping artbitrary separate rem (in which case grouping chronologically is just a matter of drag selecting and enabling the cluster after typing up the rem).