Show me a random rem

I wish to get a prompt of random Rems that is from long time ago.

Benefits:: spark new ideas for the current project.

Why it works?:: It can give you surprises that give dopamine just as social media do to us. But it’s for knowledge work which is healthy dopamine.

Can’t the Queue be used for this purpose? People can use it for writing prompts and such, not necessarily spaced repetition. :upside_down_face:

Considering one can set up multiple knowledge bases, Queues can have multiple purposes, if one needs both functions.
Or, you can tag Rems to be used for this writing prompt and/or Spaced Repetition purposes, and Folder, Document, or Embedded Portal Queues can serve instead.

Think the Graph may be useful in this endeavour as well.

I mean, it is a great idea, don’t get me wrong (would be really nice to have actually!), just accomplishable with current methods as well.

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Great idea! I haven’t thought of using Queue.

However, I prefer to have an extra button that’s easier to access than Queue. Like in the sidebar. One-click, immediately prompting a random note. Now, if I go to Queue, I still need to choose a document to start my Queue. That’s two steps vs. one step.

It’s the UX choice. Small yet effective for people to form a habit. Save one step for the user is equal to 10x more usage.

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I love this idea! Serendipitous discovery of past notes always brings me great joy

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Smart Rem v2 will be able to do this :wink:


Where can I get it? :smiley:

Hannes. Not all heroes wear capes. Doing the Lord’s work, my friend!

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The ability to see random pages has additional benefits in my opinion. One of the Roam plugins does something similar and has a number of different use-cases

Handy for finding old pages to cleanup, reminding yourself of old ideas, and connecting those old ideas to those you're thinking of right now.

Could even be a creative exercise! E.g. Randomly show two Rems together, and your task is to build a bridge between two ‘unconnected rems’, it’ll be a fantastic way to interleave your material and build strange connections you would have never thought of otherwise! Paging @hannesfrank if he can super-charge this, haha