Syncing Failing

Hi - I am keen to upgrade to the paid version. I have noticed that using the app it sometimes does not sync sometimes. The last time I could only close the app by restarting the laptop. All data was ok and I had done a manual backup. Once I reopened Remnote app it synced and was matching the browser version. I also use the browser on my iphone. Is this a common problem. Should I just work from the browser version on both devices? I do want to know that this type of syncing issue is not a problem before I go to the pro version and use it as my daily journal

Personally, I felt the state of syncing has been at its best in recent months, You will know because there would be a lot more angry posts on this otherwise. =)

My sync between mac desktop app and browser, including beta version are working quite fine. Even the previously problematic mobile web are syncing for me. Here’s hoping it stays this way and gets better.

Not sure if it is a trend at all, but just encountered a situation where an edit and sync on my android app was not updated on my linux app, in spite of my force syncing on the latter multiple times and its’ timestamp of sync seeming to indicate it synced when I told it to. Closing the (linux) app and force syncing again got the update and any other android update got synced to linux app with no apparent issue, so seems how long the app has been running (admittedly idly :slight_smile: ) is a contributor

My issue was the same. Day long edits did not sync from Windows App. Force sync did nothing. Interestingly when I tried to close the App it saved but did not fully close. A full restart of the computer worked. My mistake was that edits I made on the browser version midway were deemed to be the latest version so in the sync it took the browser edits as the final version. I fixed this. but for now I am going to stay only in browser version and see if it works across all devices…this needs a response. syncing is critical. we need constant confirmation that syncing is working.

This is being discussed here, so if you’re facing any obvious sync issues, definitely report them by adding on to the thread.

I think a good practise to follow here would be to close the app before we leave, or access RemNote from other platforms.
Not saying this is necessary at all. It updates live as you are working on a document.
But to make sure we don’t have any conflicts, closing the app always forces a sync. Same goes for if you want download latest changes in an app/browser that has been open for long but hasn’t received changed data from elsewhere. Closing it completely and opening it should get things resolved, most of the times.
Nevertheless, do report any consistent odd behaviours in the thread listed by anisha above

Understand the best practice is to close one app/browser before opening another. The challenge I face is that I am using it for daily bullet journaling. I will be mostly on my PC, but then I might be talking to someone elsewhere and I need to jot it down. Syncing in other services was seamless. So that even if the other apps were open it would always be up to date. I will give the app another go and report back again.

As a quick comment. I just opened the remnote app. it had not been touched for a while and I had previously restarted the machine. The first time it opened the app stated - last sync’d 4 days ago but the content showed work updated less than 5 mins ago. I closed it and opened it again. this time it was all good. I dont know why but when I have a problem with syncing I can see in the bottom right corner the “connected box - last synced X days ago”. If the app was fully closed it should work perfectly. Desktop app 1.3.6. I am still on the free version. will going to the pro version make a difference? I will go as soon as I know how to use syncing reliably

That was just a tip if you are facing sync issues, which is currently (and thankfully) a rare scenario. Yes the display sometimes is wrong, it might say that it got synced a while back while in reality the sync would’ve been much recent.
Nope, moving to the Pro tier doesn’t have any effect on sync.