The search is not exhaustive? windows desktop app 1.3.15

Apparently the max search results is 14. I search for a word I often use in my KB (either highlight or ctrl P), 14 results show up. Try another word, also 14.

I make a new KB and put 20 rems each has the same keyword on them and search for that word. 14 results show up.

As a PKM tool this is kinda a deal breaker.

The search portal let you have 100 results.

I agree that showing more results would be better :+1: Maybe move this to the feature requests?

:smiley: I never knew of a search portal. The only way I search is through Ctrl P. I wonder why they would have a separate search feature aside from the magnifying glass symbol next to document (which is the same as Ctrl P). There is no indicator of any other search feature

You may create a few search portals for different things in the same rem. This is how the sidebar works under the hood, and how you can build a better one yourself (Guide: How To Build A Sidebar ). In future, all searches will also have more advanced functionality (Ability to use logical operators for searching (Queries)) that would make having a few searches to compare side by side even more desirable.

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portals and search bar do different things

portal is actually a window inside another rem, that you can add to your current rem. It’s very useful for making reference to something you have already somewhere else, in full.

search bar, is simply a search that will open the rem you click on

There are three ways to search

  • ctrl+p search that will take you to the wanted rem
  • ctrl+f search that will filter the results in the current document and may be inserted as a search portal
  • search portal that is inserted by /search portal and searches the KB inline. If it it has been inserted from the filter menu, it will be restricted to the document

Normal portals work as you described, but are distinct from search portals.