Where Advanced Spacing Algorithms to pro?

I acquired the Pro subscription interested in the Advanced Spacing Algorithms. However, there is no option in the configuration. Only personal configuration or Anki algorithm that are available in the free edition. When will Advanced Spacing Algorithms be available?


Hello, I’m curious about knowing more about the “advanced spacing algorithms” too.

Anyone can maybe help us?

The anki algorithm is the advanced one. If you made an account before version 1.1, you have access to it for free and don‘t need to get the pro version.

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Could you please elaborate more on how they are different?

The main difference is that the anki sm-2 scheduler can be customised. Here are some of the setting options that you can change.

I am familiar with sm-2 having used anki,
I am trying to understand how the default remnotes algorithm works and if it is better in any way?

I don’t know how the algorithm exactly works because I’m not part of the team but there’s this if it helps

Here’s also the scheduler set to default anki (which you have to manually do)

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