Why so few plugins?

I’m currently using both Obsidian and Remnote to figure out which one is best for me. I prefer Remnote for the hierarchical organization of information but, compared to Obsidian and its huge number of plugins, it lacks many additional features that could be filled with plugins.
Why is Remnote’s number of plugins so small?


Well, the obvious reason is that nobody made them yet :wink:

For why that is the case I can only speculate:

  • RemNote’s user base consists to a large part of students having to learn for exams having no time – or just not the ability yet – to code them. Obsidan has gathered a bit of the techy open-source crowd which likes to have their data as plain text files all the time. And those guys usually can code quite well.
  • RemNote’s provides a API that quite capable of adding content to your knowledge base or displaying it in a certain way (for example a Reading Time plugin would be trivial to make). But it is not yet capable of changing parts of the UI. Maybe that is exactly what most plugin devs would be able to do? A more powerful API is already in the works and some things, but not all (like clicking on rem) can be done with user scripts like :gear: Smart Rem.
  • RemNote provides a lot of things out of the box which are a plugin in Obsidian (e.g. Daily Notes). And a good number of Obsidian plugins are also not applicable for RemNote (like file handling stuff).

Are there specific plugins you’d like to see in RemNote? You could make a request here in the #developers-api category. Maybe you find a group of people to make it together?

I have quite a large backlog of stuff I want to implement myself at some point.