Why was the block of code murdered?


The changes made to the code block over the last few months undermine the point of using it. The very fact that a code block creates a new rem makes it impossible to use it in a question. So all the questions in learning programming like: what is wrong with this code or about adding something in the context of the lines of code presented etc. fall away.

You can still code blocks on flashcards by creating multi-line cards - in theory.
In practice, it is an ordeal, especially if you want to enter the answer (line of code). It is very difficult to display the extra information (Extra Card Detail) and finally… the code block is no longer displayed in the flashcards (browser versions of the app) - maybe it’s just a temporary bug (I don’t know).

Was I the only one who wanted to learn programming languages with the help of RemNote? Of course you can type sample lines of code without a block of code but they lose a lot of readability especially when there is more than one line.

Maybe someone has an idea how to use this in practice now. Perhaps the developers could post a tutorial on how they now envisage using the code block in the context of knowledge recall on flashcards.

When this change occurred in the first version, I reported it as a bug. The response was that making the code block a separate rem solves a mass of other problems - pity that in doing so it practically undermines the point of using them (at least in the context of flashcards).
I understand it but… it should be easy or good?

Sorry for the long-winded argument - I’m a bit bitter that something that worked quite good has suddenly become useless.

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Settings-Labs-untick Rem Code Blocks.


Great! When I reported that I didn’t like the way a block of code worked, there was no mention of such a function in the reply.

Perhaps my arguments have convinced someone. I am very pleased. I had not noticed that in the configuration. Maybe a better solution will be found one day that reconciles usability with ease of implementation.

Thank you very much for pointing out this option.

On the other hand, again my opinion, maybe it would be better if the application did not change so often. It seems to me that people like patterns and if they have developed a pattern of how to deal with an application then they would not want to suddenly tear it down.
I know it doesn’t sound very creative but it is;-)

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