1.4 and 1.3 Interface Question -- "empty" rems as containers -- how would I know, without hovering?

Sometimes I mess up and delete the text of a rem that containers other indented, child rems. If it’s closed, then I only know the rem has child (as opposed to being totally empty) by hovering over it and seeing if there’s a + or an arrow to toggle.

What would be a way to indicate children rems of a rem which has no text, itself? Is there a CSS way to show it? Updated: I do this with

.rem {border-left: 1px solid #ccc !important}

which works but adds another vertical border in addition to the outline-nesting border.

I would like to turn on bullets (maybe a lighter gray if there’s no text in the rem, as opposed to #333) for rems which have no text in them. I find I’m a bit lost without something to tell me where I have empty things. Maybe that is also possible with CSS? I couldn’t figure out what the selectors are for rems with no text, or just spaces. I tested this with a single space, and the rem still doesn’t have a bullet. So it seems “whitespace only” is the designation for “hide bullet”.

Thanks for the report - the bullet is supposed to always be displayed when the Rem has children, even if the Rem itself is empty. We’ll fix this.

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Thanks Martin. I would also like if possible to have an option to “always show bullet”, anyway. Copying and pasting text sometimes, and my fooling around with Custom CSS a lot, means that I have a lot of either empty rems or just weird white space I put it in by mistake. I am doing the “extra” border on all rem, as a workout, but a legit bullet would be better. Thanks for considering it!