1.4 Sidebar and UI elements -- Seem to refresh too often, for no good reason

The 1.4 Sidebar is refreshing/reloading so often that the interface feels like strobe lights. I click in a Rem, the sidebar reloads. If I insert 3-4 rem, it reloads. If I delete space between two rems to make one rem, it reloads. Did the web version always do this?

It is so jarring that I have closed the sidebar, but I don’t want to. It’s too slow to open/close every time I want to see a document list.

Test this a bit more: when I paste a paragraph-length rem into a document, Remnote also refreshes/reloads the Source section of all open panes, as well as the Sidebar. I’m not clear why it would influence the other documents. The scrollbars and top part of the Panes are reloading/refreshing also. So then the summary is that several UI element are refreshing/reloading when I type. The longer the pasted text (10 sentences vs 3 words) the longer the reload takes.

I changed the title of this topic, to reflect that more elements than the Sidebar are reloading.

Update #3: I tested this some more. It seems those UI elements disappear during the duration of my typing in a document. Then when I quit typing, they come back. As for me, I don’t mind seeing them while I type, and the going-away-coming-back is not needed.

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same is happening here also…

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It’s a new feature called focus mode, you can disable it in the settings


Thanks very much! Got it!

For others who want to disable it, this is the full path (no use of the words “Focus Mode” – perhaps that could be changed in the next update, as in the announcement the name of the behavior is “Focus Mode”…)

“Settings > Interface > Global Interface > Hide the UI On Interaction
Hide the UI when you type to help you focus on your writing.”

Thanks, we’ll make sure to update the settings language here.

Hm, entering/exiting focus mode is supposed to be fast - we’ll investigate that.

Hi Martin – I wasn’t clear with “it” – I meant that opening/closing the sidebar drawer was slow-ish the in/out of Focus Mode was faster.