1. How to add a new slot to an existing template?

Apologizing in advance but I’ve not yet located the clueless-newbie-has-a-question, would like-to-get-it-right-the-first-time category.

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  1. Is it possible to write-protect a template or its slots? It’s quite easy to scramble either and (most unfortunately) trash - perhap too harsh a word - the data that depended upon it.

  2. Is it possible to auto-populate the contents of one template instance with the contents of another instance?

  3. Is there a comment character within Remnote so that everything that follow to-end-of-line is ignored?

  4. Is it possible to format a slot entry with the contents of the slots from an instance of some other template?



Just navigate to where the Rem for the Template is, add a new child to it and turn that child into a Slot (ctrl+alt+s or /sl)

No. You should get a warning if you try to delete anything that has been referenced elsewhere, including slots.


No, but you can use inline code formatting via double `, which will not interpret anything inside of it as commands (e.g., you can put :: and the Rem won’t turn into a Concept Card).

Need more information about what you are trying to accomplish, but both the Slot under the Template and the Slot’s contents under a Rem tagged with the Template may contain anything a regular rem can, references to other Slots (and added Slots with contents) included.

Broadly, you seem to be imbuing Templates with much more power that they actually have - they are simply a way to add the same set of references as descendants to multiple rem. There is also simple inheritance (if you tag Template B with Template A, anything tagged with Template B may have slots from both Template A and Template B), but nothing like evaluating the slots’ contents. Some of this may or not change as Tables get developed.