2020 Community Survey Results

I am curious, were you able to gain any insigts from the Community Survey? @Martin @mattygrov
Did it change any development directions or confirm the current roadmap?


I have the same question as well.


Great question and sorry for responding so late. The community survey helped us in a lot of ways, especially feeling the pulse of how everyone is using RemNote. Here’s a brief rundown of what we gathered :slight_smile:

Most Requested Features
top requests were

  • desktop app
  • UX/UI changes/bug fixes

we’ve been hard at work here! Desktop app is on the horizon and bug fixes are constantly being pushed (thank you all for the GitHub reports) Confirming this is on the roadmap

How people discover RemNote?

  • YouTube #1
  • Google Search #2
  • Twitter #3

Who most users are?
We have a very diverse community! Most people identify as a college/highschool/graduate student, but we have folks who describe themselves as researchers, creatives, business owners, etc. Really great to see such a widespread use of the tool

Most Used Features

  • hierarchical notetaking
  • flashcards, clozes, linking features, search

this really helps us narrow in on what people find most important and will aid us on how to improve and smooth the experience

Where to find Help
Thanks for the input here. Most users reported they were visiting reddit and discord for help, followed by email and the tutorials/videos. For this reason, we started this forum to answer more nuanced and technical questions publicly.

User Feedback
Got lots of great feedback from everyone! A lot of the ideas and comments we will implement and organize internally. Thanks so much for taking the time to help us improve.

Hope that helps answer your question!