3D portal + references CSS snippets

I made a Nice 3D portal is someone interested

Visit this to install


Very cool

Is your active trail path also part of this snippet or is this something else?

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This is awesome! Thanks for making this!


very nicely done!

keep them coming, I really like this aesthetic :wink:

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no, it is from Eustachio Theme

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Thanks for info
Will check it out

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Man, it’s really cool. Thanks for this! have u tried make this for references too?

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That would be really cool!

@abdelalah_alhrbi weird that this happens for me, any idea mate?

Happened to me too.

I think I tinkered a bit with someone else’s code imported and managed to clear that up. If you want to copy and paste it, here you go.


:root {
–search-portal-border-color: clear; /* default: #add8e6, in dark mode: #f398f3 /
–portal-border-color: clear; /
default: #add8e6 */

#show-embedded-search-button {
border: 2px solid var(–search-portal-border-color);

#hierarchy-editor .portal-rem .portal-rem-top–embedded-search-top {
border-top: 4px solid var(–search-portal-border-color);

#hierarchy-editor .search-portal-tree-node {
border-left: 2px solid var(–search-portal-border-color);
border-right: 2px solid var(–search-portal-border-color);

/* Search Portals get different color in dark mode */
.dark-mode #show-embedded-search-button, .dark-mode .indented-hierarchy-editor-rem–after-portal-embedded-search, .dark-mode .indented-hierarchy-editor-rem–portal-embedded-search, .dark-mode .isTypeChildHierarchyEditorRem, .dark-mode .portal-rem–embedded-search, .dark-mode .portal-rem-top–embedded-search-top, .dark-mode .rem-in-embedded-search {
border-color: var(–search-portal-border-color)!important;

#hierarchy-editor .portal-rem .portal-rem-top {
border-top: 4px solid var(–portal-border-color);

#hierarchy-editor .portal-rem {
border-left: 2px solid var(–portal-border-color);
border-right: 2px solid var(–portal-border-color);

#hierarchy-editor .hierarchy-editor__after-portal {
border-top: 2px solid var(–portal-border-color);

Although I bet someone else can find a cleaner and simpler version. @Karthikk

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I will try it today.

I have no clue bro , maybe cause the portal empty ?

I just made it for the references you can check it at the original post

Fixed it just update the CSS form the original post

Do i have to put in on the original dark mode by eustachio? bc adding a new css block doesn’t work

No I meant remnote dark mode

it doesn’t work, Could u put a tutorial please?

Sorry the problem was with the code😅 visit the new link to install it

All snippets have worked for me since the first post.

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yes but it depends on how you copied them , a GitHub page will make it clear