A little Bug with inline Math


at first: Nice product, I love RemNote and it’s such a great tool to memorize all those formulars they want us to know for our exams.

While I use the inline math feature a lot,
I stumbled over a little bug, where the KaTeX formular I just wrote in
is displayed inline as well. (so in front of the actual inline math element)

I noted, that this only happens if I put a “” backslash in the math dialog and type in the identifier of a special character and unfortunately it’s not always happening.
Maybe it somehow gets managed to escape from the KaTeX scope if some condition is met, I don’t know
and I am not allowed to share any logs, because the console is like filled with 90 KaTeX errors and I cannot find one fitting in there. :confused:

Anyhow, I try to keep an eye on that and I will put further information in here,
as I think this report is not useful so far.


Please report any bugs using the “Report Bugs” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app. Whatever reports you make on this forum are not read by the people fixing the bugs, plus it’s much easier to debug using the tools present in the app itself rather than by plain text description.