A way to plan your learning so it shows up in the right time in your daily document's queue

I am learning spanish and I regularly add new words in my daily documents like so:
crazy >> loco
It’s time consuming to add new words every time, and I off course don’t want to add my whole vocabulary’s list all at once.

I noticed it’s possible to write in the future, in the upcomming daily documents.

That would be great I could planify my learning by adding 20 words let’s say every week.

The thing is when I had rems in the future, it shows up in the current daily queue!
I would like it to appear at the date of the future document you know.

Would be nice, no? Or maybe there’s already a way to do that?

Thanks for your time :pray: Sorry for the lame english :sweat_smile:

You could manually disable descendant cards of the daily documents you don’t want to practice yet, then remove the Disable Descendant Cards tag on the day of the daily document. Alternatively, you can add the lot under a single rem, then change your daily queue target in settings.

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Sounds good. Thanks a lot. :pray: