A wild idea : do a competition for a redesign of the editor

I feel there is a huge margin of progression for the design of the editor.

Currently, it is very messy and cumbersome looking.The reason why I say that is whenever I try to convert my colleagues to remnote, this is their first reaction: “complicated and messy”.

This is what I propose

  • create a competition asking designers to redesign 5 pages/rems with very different setups and workflow
  • ask the community to vote what they like and don’t like
  • this should conclude in a huge jump in design quality, and attract new users


Visually, by default there is literally nothing except bullet points if you hide the sidebar and turn on focus mode (the bottom toolbar was axed last fall). Functionally, since everything (tags, references, documents, flashcards, headings) is a rem and may also be any combination of other things, there shouldn’t be any friction adopting any workflow. Unless, of course, your colleagues have never used a personal wiki/networked notebook and you are trying to migrate them from top-down folders, which must take some adjustment (though it could also be replicated fairly easily with documents with possibly a splash of tags).

I agree that a competition would be good, though - if nothing else, it would inject more options for everyone (a plug for the compact snippets wiki).

Hello @UMNiK ,
thank you for your response :slight_smile:
I’m afraid I would have to disagree with you, for once :wink: . I think that this problem has become invisible to regular users of remnote, and for people used to see messy text/interface like programmers, for example. The thing is that I want remnote to thrive and be somewhat mainstream.

Being able to design an interface that doesn’t get in the way is a full job in itself.
It’s like being able to make a good presentation : everybody does them, but only the people trained (or skilled) to do so achieve audience captivation. This is the same problem.

To convince you : what about these elements? (from the top of my head)

  1. Hierarchy: whenever you would have a dozen-level-deep-rem, you are bombarded by lines and bullet points. One might say, “but of course, this is the principle of remnote…”. To that, I respond that is doesn’t need to be the case at all. You don’t need to see the structure or bullet point at all… or even for the entire structure. What you need to do is being able to tell where in the structure you are, not the entire structure of the document.
  2. tags : have you ever had a tag that is 5 words long? There is room for the actual text in the rem tagger anymore.
  3. sources: is it ok to have the source being so prevalent in the screen, even placed between parent and child… ? it is counterintuitive.
  4. contextual menu when selecting text: this is just a mess, where you need to put your eye is not intuitive : too much information kills the readability
  5. etc

Moved to the feature requests board.