Ability to add source to a rem without tagging it as a document

It creates a lot of clutter in the sidebar if you have a few notes from an interview or something and want to add a source to it. As an obvious workaround, just add a child with a source link (maybe even as a Universal Descriptor), but what’s the point of having an explicit source field at all then?

You can zoom into any rem and add a source afaik.

Which will automatically tag it as a document, which will make it appear in the sidebar. Removing the document tag deletes the contents of the source field. Hence me making this request to sort this out.

My sidebar is a mess, so I can’t easily tell if it is appearing or not.

I can tell you that it doesn’t look tagged as a document.

Does this not happen to you?

Indeed it doesn’t. To check whether its tagged as a doc you can just go one level up and expand the power up rem arrow. If you untag it as document it deletes whatever was typed as source.

Ah, right, I see it now.

There is a setting to toggle if Power-Up Rems are displayed (like Document). Maybe you have it turned off?

Funnily enough (cuz i checked before replying last time) the document tag is shown as a power up arrow on the upper levels regardless of that setting, which is for headers and highlighers.

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When descriptor is tagged as a document, the backward card behavior changes which I don’t like.

My opinion is that the “document” tagging is taking care of two very different functions: (1) putting on a rem on the front page; (2) providing the credentials for embedding a PDF (when adding a PDF to a Rem, it acquires the status of Document. And, also,… untagging it will remove the PDF)

Those two features should be separated, right?

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Have the same issue. I love to attach references to notes and the references were tagged as documents and shown in the sidebar. It makes the sidebar a mess.
Hope we would have this feature soon.