Ability to handwrite or draw your answer

It‘s pretty useful already, that you can type out your answers but there are some subjects, like for example math, where being able to handwrite would open up more possibilities. It‘s loosely linked to this Generic programmable attention features I‘m basically trying to build exercises into RemNote, imo the most important thing for learning that‘s missing. Maybe it‘s the way I‘m taking my notes but all these concepts and descriptors I’m learning are just passive knowledge that are really not that meaningful for the test most of the times (tips for note taking would be appreciated btw) Nothing complicated though, a pen, an eraser and some colour options should be enough

Hey there,
in Anki, there is a feature that allows you to draw something on a white notepad before checking the flashcard.

This allows practicing complex structural chemical formulas or other “drawing related things”.

Especially when studying medicine or sciences in general, I think this is an essential feature and should be part of the IOS app (therefore usable with Apple Pencil).

This is how it looks in Anki, though I am sure there is a more fashionable way to solve it :slight_smile:

I hope you can take my request into consideration.
Best regards, Tobi!

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Didn’t know Anki had this feature! I found a workaround btw: It takes a few seconds to set the up but the splitscreen works fairly well

I was using Anki before discovering remNote. One function I liked on Anki on Android was, that you could scribble the answer with the pen and then click on “show answer”.
Of course it is faster to type the answer into the text field with the keyboard. But the scribble answer request would be quite useful if I had the answer wrong. Once I figured out I had the answer wrong or didn’t remember the answer at all, scribbling the answer helps me to remind it next time.

I prefer to not export the rems in Anki to use this function.

Anti has a scratchpad in their reviewer which is quite nice to use. I wonder if its possible to incorporate that into remnote

The scratchpad is just somewhere you can draw/write in. I know that Remnote allows you to type it in but writing it down is better for memorising concepts and flowcharts.

Yes it would be a nice function to have. As someone else said, it could be used for science subjects, for flowcharts/mindmaps and also for learning languages. For example languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Thai, Hindi etc.