Ability to Remove Specific Tags from Multiple Rems

It’s super convenient to be able to select a rem and copy a tag to it and tag several other rems with it just by selecting all of them and pasting the tag. The opposite functionality (titled) would be just as convenient, if not more.

This was originally a discord suggestion.

Wanted to bump this request further up the list, because I desperately need it being a heavy user of the Tags feature.
Here’s an example of a bunch of rems I tagged to indicate whether I’ve studied them or not yet, and to be able to filter the document accordingly. I got done with the exam related to this course and would like to remove these tags now so they don’t appear in the search portal for 🟢 and ⚪️ anymore.
This just takes way too much time in comparison to how easy it was to apply these tags.

How about this?

  1. decide which highlight color to use for hiding specific tag. In my case I rarely use purple color for coloring tag.

  2. CSS

.hierarchy-editor__tag-bar__tag.highlight-color--purple {
	display: none;

or you can hide some parts of tag by css like this
CleanShot 2021-09-09 at 22.24.38

[data-rem-tags~="Tag Name"] .hierarchy-editor__tag-bar__tag {
	color: transparent;
	background-color: transparent;

Thank you, but I’m looking for a way to remove the tags entirely rather than just hide them, so that they don’t come up in the search portal for the original rems.
Just a quick way to batch remove tags, to put it simply.

I guess Modifying CSS to Search list with specific tag could be a solution if it is not implemented soon.

Your best bet in the meantime might be making a one-off rem to batch apply as a tag, then deleting that tag rem once you are done. I assume you are using the green circle for all exams, so this would mean using another temp emoji tag and deleting it once a particular exam is over, then re-creating it for the next one and so on.

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Now why didn’t I think of that? Thanks a ton, UMNiK, I will be doing that hereon until this feature is heard.