About the Beta Bugs category

Use this sub-category to post any bugs that you have found on the Beta Server.

Criteria to decide which bugs go here:

  • The bug should occur only on the beta server, not on the normal server.
  • All bugs that occur on the normal server needs to go into the mainstream bug channel here


  • This will help us to catch new bugs that were introduced due to a release and hence can increase the stability of each update. We are continuously working on the existing bug reports on the main server as well, this segregation helps us with prioritising.

Thank you all for the continued support. :deciduous_tree:

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For beta users, who are already contributing their time and energy into reproducing bugs and posting them - it seems a bit much to ask them to take on the additional burden of switching servers and checking different versions?

Speaking as a beta client myself right now- it seems like bugs get lost in the discord so wanted to start reporting here, but TBH I don’t even have time to report all the bugs I encounter… this seems like a bit much to ask.

I guess I’ll just stick to the discord for now.

IMO- there should be either a single forum for bugs and a requirement to report version info, or a forum for Beta bugs, but the Remnote QA team should work out whether it’s “beta only”.