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umm…documents with reminders…which could send notifications…i wish i could apply spaced repitition to reading them too, just like solving the questions…I would not have to bother about which document to read on a particular day…kindly revert

I would love to have these feature,

  1. file attachment (saved on server),not only PDF but also excel, word and so on.
  2. Filter tags or Rems in refenrence view.
    Thank you guys.

sliding panels! sliding panels! so that I can take video notes easily! I have to take it in obsidian now…

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I wish that changing the font color will be an option in the future :slight_smile: just the font, not the highlight

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when a new rem is being added, it can be automatically linked to existing rem reference. just like another roam-like software “roamedit”

I share this interest :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I am trying to do image occlusion cards for anatomy, several items in an image but I want to be able to type out the answer (to check my spelling ) against a reference list of correct answers (so it highlights green)… it would be nice if it corresponded with the alphabet categorized for each image occlusion box I generate. For example: Box A hides “diaphysis” in the image and when I type my answer “diaphysis” it shows that for image A I am correct, while if I type in image Bs answer it would tell me I am wrong (in red) as well as show the image occluded text. It would be good if that feature kicked in once “Type your answer” is toggled on but still applied if the user did not want to type the answer that day and just wanted the normal flashcard style backside answer. Please implement this, it would take this thing to a new level!

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