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I seem to be unable to create cloze cards containing LaTex, for equations and numbers. Would there be a way to make this happen?


The website allows me to go back as in any web browsers (swiping 2 fingers to the right on mac), but the new app doesn’t let me do that, and I have to go into the breadcrumbs to return to previous pages sometimes or use the header folder structure. It’s a small detail that has made me switch back to the website again, after a few less than optimal uses. I know it’s a work in progress, just wanted to bring attention to it.

I’d like to be able to turn off the breadcrumbs when using the queue/spaced repitition. Seeing the breadcrumbs can clue me into the answer.

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On the pic one can see 8 days of daily target hitting and 27 cards to review. Is it possible to remove the daily target indication from the sidebar?

it would be nice if I could form a cloze card using different rems (especially the children rems of one parent rem).

Not sure if this has been asked before, but I would really appreciate the ability to suspend folders/documents from the overall que. That way I have more control over what material I am retaining for long-term memory and what I am willing to forget. As always, love the constant work that is being put into RemNote.


I agree with this. I have 10,000 cards on my main queue right now, almost all of which are from last semesters work. I would love to be able to suspend my entire folder with all of those documents/rem in them so that they no longer show up.


A small thing, but something that slows down my writing a lot: when I type $$ to write latex code, the cursor immediately switches to the beginning of the rem. Thus, I need to click in the latex field to write in there.
I have this issue since I started using remnote a few months ago and it happens both in the web application and in the windows desktop app, in different browsers and, regarding the web version, in different OS.

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Add number next to Rem in list mode
When creating a rem in list mode (when the answer needed is divided into numbered parts), it is best to know how many more answers I have (maybe I want to edit later, or make sure I read everything, etc.)
This is how it is now:
Imagine the same image as shown below, without the number (4)

and this is how it should be automagically (notice the number 4 on the bolded question)

KUDOS and Happy remnote-ing
Great success


Hello! I would like to be able to go over the rems in the order they are written instead of a random order. That would help to better understand the concepts and I think right now it can’t be done in RemNote. It is a fantastic app and the idea is very good, I think it could help a lot of students like me, but without that feature it still doesn’t work for my studies. Thanks a lot!

I would also like to see this feature, as some cards can get visually cluttered when the flashcard has multiple parents.

table functionality/ database

I love this! I do this manually when I write my notes, and it would be really helpful to have it has an automatic feature that you could enable/disable.

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Would it be possible to add a graph view of the notes, like a similar feature to the one Obsidian has? I’m a very visual thinker and right now I have to transfer my notes to Obsidian to get a graph view, which is a very tedious and time consuming task. I imagine this to be useful for a lot of people. Would save up some storage space as well, because I could deinstall the other app.

Can you please add subscripts and other math/physics functions. Thanks


can u pls add an different option for concept and discription instead of upper and lower case letter? cause in german every noun starts with an upper case

I would love to see more integrations in RemNote.

  1. Instapaper
  2. Readwise

Between the two READWISE integration is a High Priority because through Readwise you can integrate

  1. Instapaper
  2. Kindle
  3. Hypothesis
  4. Pocket
    and host of other Capture tools

I’m a big believer in high quality maps. Obsidian for all of its drawbacks has an excellent mapping feature. It would be nice if all of the folders and tags could be integrated in a universal map with a variety of filters. Thank you

I know that an iOS version is in the works but could you please give us some indication as to when the beta will be released. Thank you.